Monthly fee is $68 ($17.00 per week)

Lessons are based on weekly one-half hour sessions.

Monthly fees must be paid by the 15th, or by the second lesson of the month.

New: Now accepting most credit/debit cards as well as cash or check.

The monthly charge is subject to the number of weeks in that month.

The monthly fee will be decreased accordingly for days that the studio is closed, such as vacations, national holidays, or emergencies. Also, if you are going to miss a lesson, please let me know a day ahead of time if possible. The next month’s fee will be adjusted for that absence(s).

There are no fee refunds for students that quit before completing the month’s lessons, or do not give any prior notice of their intention to quit.

Books, Sheet Music, Supplies

I will let the student know 1 to 2 lessons ahead of time when they will need to purchase additional study materials. I will provide a reminder slip that will show the cost of the book(s) and other supplies. There are no refunds for music or music equipment purchased through the studio.