How much does it cost to buy a guitar?

You can purchase relatively inexpensive guitars that are of a decent quality. I would avoid, however, the typical yard sale, paying $25 for a guitar only to find out that it’s not even playable. (To every rule there is an exception of course).

It’s better to invest a little more money now and have an instrument that sounds like a guitar, not a toy. Remember your child or yourself is also developing all the aspects of musicianship; the ear, hand movement, tone quality. You don’t want to develop a “bad ear”. Cheap guitars can do you more harm than good in many cases, because the setting of the frets is not very accurate. The guitar doesn’t carry the right pitches across the fret board. This is called intonation.

I would recommend going to one of the following guitar stores. You can get a decent acoustic guitar for around $350 and an electric guitar for around the same price, possibly a little more, not including the amp. Music stores are always having sales too.

Tip: Guitars are priced similar in the way cars are priced. You never pay the sticker price. Negotiating is acceptable in most stores.

Now with the world at your finger tips, the mighty web is a tremendous source.