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Cheryl's Guitar Instruction is dedicated to teaching classical guitar and other guitar styles. Individual instruction is conducted in an encouraging atmosphere in a home setting.


Acoustic - beginning through advanced
Electric - beginning through intermediate


Classical, Country, Blues, Rock, Rhythm, Beginning Jazz, Sacred, Christian.


If you're looking for self-expression through music, come and explore the possibilities through learning to play the guitar. Whether you want to play for your own enjoyment or have aspirations to be the ultimate musician, you will be inspired in an encouraging atmosphere to progress at your own pace.


Children are a natural, when it comes to music! There is no greater joy than to see a child light up with enthusiasm in learning to play an instrument.  Children, ages 7 and up, will develop not only guitar skills and music appreciation through relaxed learning techniques, but also experience the excitement of tapping into their creativity. 


Beginning Guitar

  • No previous musical knowledge required
  • Basic music reading and theory
  • Basic guitar chords
  • Children's Ear Training Program

Intermediate Guitar

  • Left and Right hand fingering
  • Extended music reading, theory, and improvisation
  • Hand strengthening techniques

Advanced Guitar

  • Speed development
  • Articulation improvement
  • Advanced classical and other styles of guitar music
  • Arranging and developing guitar repertoire

Studio HouRS *Closed July 1, 2017 Through September 4, 2017

Tuesday - Thursday, 2 PM - 8 PM

Friday, 2 PM - 4:30 PM
Saturday, 8 AM - 4 PM
Closed: Sunday & Monday